Beach Combing Run

As usual, when hashing is done at the beach, hashers are equipped with swimming gears to do the swimming after the hash. Hashers found Selaki beach ideal for down-down site.
It's called a beach combing hash because the first 15 minutes were spent running along white sandy beach of Selaki. After beach combing, all hashers turned off the sandy area into a clearly marked trail leading to the bush at the foot of the hill. The trail snakes up to the top of the hill, so climbing it does not need extra energy. At this point, no hashers were seen walking or jogging. They were all puffing and blowing, dragging their feet. they were lucky as they were equipped with best quality climbing shoes.

Being on the top of the hill was all hashers wanted to achieve. Beautiful view of Lampung bay is often a reliever of tiredness after all climbing up to the hill. The hash run ran successfully--beautiful view, good trails with several check backs and forwards. We all thanked professional hare and cohares who laid this beautiful trails. No loss of hashers was reported.

Social gathering after the hash was combined with swimming activities, which was not a part of the hash activity to be sure but some decided to swim because the down-down was on the beach. They thought why  not make good use of the time going swimming.

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