Feasibility Study of Sunda Strait Bridge

Sunda Strait Bridge Feasibility Study will be started in the year of 2013. The fund amounting to IDR 1 trillion will be allocated in 2013 state budget. According to Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, 1 trillion of State budget will finance the feasibility study. And upon the complition of feasibility study, the initiator will still be allowed to bid the construction work of Sunda Strait Bridge.

At first, the feasibility study would be carried out by the initiator, who would also be allowed to bid the construction work at the lowest price but then according to Head of Fiscal Policy of Ministry of Finance, it would be better if the feasibility study was carried out by the Government of Indonesia. If the suggestion is appoved of, the fund of 1 trillion for the feasibility study will be budgeted in 2013 State Budget.

The implementation of the feasibility study will take one year and is hoped to start in 2013. The ministry of Public Work, which is responsible for the feasibility study of Sunda Strait Bridge shall employ professional specialists.

The successful bidder of the construction work shall bear the cost of the feasibility study as the government carries out the feasibility study.
Reference: Kompas dated July 14th, 2012

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