Mutun Hash Run Lampung


Do you love trekking? If yes, join Lampung Hash Harriers, you will find what you have been looking for. Lampung Hash has been around for almost 9 years. Its main activity is to help members (hashers) improve their physical strength by jogging on the forest trails in addition to making more friends. We realize that you can get fitness at home or by joining fitness center but hashing is totally different. It will not only make you healthy but improve your psychological mood as well.

On July 1st, our hashing site was on Mutun hills. There were over 500 hashers present at the hash. The sudden increase in the number of hashers for this run was clearly because Mutun is a beach resort with beautiful Lampung bay view. Due to lack of hashing staff that can take photos of the pack, we can only come up with a few photographs.

As usual, when hashing on Mutun we only have a couple of hills to climb. Hashers started jogging along the beach then turned left into a trail that leads all hashers into a smaller track going all the way to the top of a mutun hill. Our gutsy hashers are always in the front line. With their strong shoes, specially designed for hashing, climbing in all condition is really a piece of cake for them.

Since the run on Mutun is all the way up to the top of the hill, there were only a few female hashers were seen on the pack. Koh Ayong Salim was the one who swept the lady pack. The ring master, Hendry Hozali was not present at the hash, so there was no down down for this run. As soon as the hashers reached the on-in, they were all plunging themselves into the clear, clean water of Mutun beach and spent around one hour swimming. The other hashers just gathered and enjoyed the provided snack and drink.

Mutun beach was once used as a Pan Indo Hash event in 2010 attended by participants from hashing clubs all over Indonesia and some Asian countries. We hope Lampung Hash will host another hash event in the near future and participants will be from Europe and Australia as well.

You are welcome to join Lampung Hash House Harriers.

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