Old Panjang Harbour Hash

Old Panjang Harbour Hash Event:

Hashing in Bandar Lampung is much easier to do as hashers do not need to go a long way to find hashing locations. One of the best hashing locations is called "Gotong Royong" area that is surrounded by hills overlooking the spectacular Lampung bay, and an old Panjang Harbour.

All hashers gathered around a large parking lot of a villa on the slope of the hill. It is an easy access to the on-in and down-down site. It is appoximately 500 meters off the main road following a short snaky road up to the villa.

The pack started going down from the house used as a down-down following the sh viredded paper marked trails that led them all to the rice field next to the main road. The trails are all flat at the foot of the hill with few views around except the noisy passing vehicles from the main road.

Next  was the hardest part of the trail--all the way direct route to the top of the hill. No hashers were running or jogging or even walking. All seemed to drag their own tired feet along the trail. It took only 50 minutes to reach the down-down. All hashers were puffing and blowing as soon as they reached the on-in site. Tired as they were, hashers were all satisfied with their accomplishment.

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