Ramadhan Markets


Ramadhan is a fasting month for Muslims. During this month, there are people who sell foods and drinks consumed when Muslims break their fast at 6 p.m. You will find vendors selling foods and drinks for those who fast during Ramadhan. These seasonal markets spread in different places in Bandar Lampung. The one that is popular is located around Saburai Sports Hall in Enggal. You can find almost all kinds of snacks and foods sold by individuals who make good use of the opportunity to make money. Their target buyers are of course Muslims. All foods and drinks look very tempting and fresh. These sellers start opening at around 4 p.m. just two hours before fast breaking time.

traditional market at waykandis
Ramadhan is the month of fortune for sellers as they can make a lot of money by selling foods, drinks, and clothes. Supermarkets and malls are crowded with buyers, most of whom are Muslims. At the end of Ramadhan month, those sellers become loaded with money.
Fasting month is actually highly expected to come not only by religious Muslims but also by sellers. Sellers really know that Ramadhan is the best time to make the most money.

Christmas and New Year are also the time for almost everyone but in terms of making fortune, I do not see any significant difference between Christmas season and New Year if seen from economic viewpoint. In other words, sellers do not make as much as when they sell their products during the month of Ramadhan.


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