Restaurant Of Begadang VI Will Soon Be Opened

Owner of Begadang Restaurant, Hi Dasril said that Begadang VI will soon be started after the celebration of Idul Fitri this year. This restaurant will be different from the other Begadang restaurants in terms of what foods to serve customers. He hopes that Begadang VI will cater visitors who come from other countries.

Restaurant of Begadang VI is located on Jl. Patimura, Telukbetung and starts operating on late August this year. He did not mention whether he would employ female waiters or not as for his other restaurants (Begadang I - V) Hi Dasril does not employ female waiter.

As other Padang restaurants throughout Indonesia, Begadang also uses traditional food serving system--all foods are placed on guest's table and customers are charged on the food and drink they consume. It is very much different to to international serving system, which serves customers based on the food order.

It is not known yet whether the food serving system will be adjusted to the international food serving system or he will maintain his traditional way.

Hopefully at the beginning of 2013, Begadang VI is to be opened. At this time, December 11th, 2012, as the photo above shows, the construction has achieved 95% completion.

At this moment, year 2018 the above mentioned Begadang VI has long been opened.

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