River-Crossing Hash--Batu Putu Site

It seems to me that Batu Putu site is Lampung Hash's favorite on-in and down-down sites. When hashing here, most gutsy hashers are better equipped with special trunks and better gripping shoes. Facing ups and downs of the hills is something many hashers are half dead for. Ko Akam who was the previous hash master is the one who never wants to miss out the opportunity to do the hashing here.

Hashers started hashing through a kind of plantation, some paddy fields on the slope of the hill and at the lowest part of the terrains are shallow river that snakes out its way down. The hashers did the river crossings more than 10 times. Following the stream down for a couple of kilometers were really lots of fun. Some slid on the slippery stone and others stumbled upon the stones while shuffling through it. I saw female gutsy hashers were falling over and splashed into the water. It was fun, all of them screaming with joy.

All finally came up to the on-in looking wet with sweat, their shoes wet with river water. Being dirty this way is what all came to the hash for. Down-down was a routine closing of the activity. It was such a warm social gathering making us all know better one another.

Thank hare and cohares for providing this very good site.


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