Tips For Walking And Jogging



Walking or jogging in the right position will produce the most effective result, and fewer burdens to the joint in addition to burning more calorie as more muscle is engaged. 

Walking or jogging is very simple, cheap and easy to do. You don’t need any special equipment to do the walking and jogging. Here are some of the tips to effective walking and jogging.

As you may know that healthy body is not achieved easily and it does not take a very short time to be healthy. However, walking or jogging is a good thing to do that will make your blood pressure down and reduce your weight. And what most important is walking will make you fit and healthy.

If you choose walking exercise as your routine activity, you should get to know what the right position of walking is in order to achieve the most effective benefits of walking exercise.

When walking exercise is chosen, make sure that your eyes are focused on to the front, not up nor down. Avoid possible pain in the neck by keeping the neutral position of the neck. Keep your shoulder straight so as not to bend over and stay at a relaxed position. Do it by bending your elbow forming an angel of 90 degree and swinging your hands towards the centre of your body. If you bend it accurately, it will burn more calories and involve more muscle.

Keep your back straight so that the curvature of the bone remains natural. When walking up hill, have your back pushed forward a little.
Lift your chest a little bit up to allow longer breathing. Broaden your stomach muscle and try to breathe in rhythm with your step. Keep your heel touching the ground, and make a short step so that it will give better result and will not burden your joints.

Follow the above mentioned walking technique which will improve your health—more efficient lung and heart capacity, and lower the risk of injury, more comfortable, faster, and burn more calories, and make you stay in shape. Moreover, this walking trick will not cause pain in the body, will avoid poor posture and eliminate fat deposition in your stomach, thus making your appearance a lot better.


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