Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21012 Ied Prayer in Bandar Lampung

By on 1:02 AM

Idul Fitri Prayer falls on August 19th, 2012. All places like football fields, parks and other large flat areas were used for places of worship of Idul Fitri at the end of Ramadan. Some people also went to mosques to do the same prayers as mosques were also prepared for Idul Fitri prayers. Questions could be asked regarding why most Muslims went to the field to perform Idul Fitri Prayer. The answer should be related to how Idul Fitri was first performed during the Prophet Muhammad SAW's era. All Muslim at that time went out to a larger flat area to get together to perform the prayer. Praying Ied outside the mosques carries a message of propagation for Islam itself.

In Bandar Lampung, as you see in the picture, most Muslims from all parts of villages went out to the nearby parks or football fields to do the prayer. The places used for praying sites are usually the same places from year to year.