A Smoker And A Coffee Drinker



There is a long rooted belief among Indonesian society that smoking and drinking coffee are two activities that should be done simultaneously. They drink coffee and smoke. You will never be able to find non smoking coffee drinkers in Indonesia.

When I was a kind I was often told that coffee drinkers had to be smokers. It means that if you drink coffee it is almost definite that you also smoke. Till I was a teen I still heard about the connection between smoking and drinking coffee. At that time I believed what they said about it. I used to be asked a question why I drank coffee but I didn't smoke. I said that I did not see any correlation between the two.

As I grew older I finally learned that it was a smoker who had to be a coffee drinker. Why? Coffee contains something that can kill poisons including the one coming into the body from smoking habit. No wonder smokers who also drink coffee still look healthy no matter how long they have smoked. Smokers are not aware of this. What they believe is that when one drinks coffee, one should smoke.

I remember a friend of mine who told me about her mother's smoking habit. She smoked a lot but also she drank coffee. One day she suddenly stopped drinking coffee for one reason. During her absence from drinking coffee (but she continued smoking) she had teeth infection that finally got worse and poisoned her blood. Finally she died of poison-related disease. A coworker of mine was lucky enough to stop smoking after he was diagnosed of having a lung cancer that could only be cured if he quit smoking as soon as possible. He did quit and is still alive now.

Some heavy smokers get mad when they are given some advice that smoking can be very dangerous to their health. They are always answering back, “Look at me! I am alive and healthy and have been smoking for a long time.”

If you cannot stop smoking right now, make sure you continue drinking your coffee. But if you think you can just give it up, that is even better. There are death cases due to heavy smoking. Think about it. I know it is your own right to smoke but I can only suggest quitting smoking if you want to live longer and happily.


Author: verified_user