Government-Owned Bus Service


Passengers may shift to another destination if they catch does not go in your route. For this reason the bus conductor will give you a transit ticket for the next bus. From my daily observation, the buses are always full of passengers. Even some passengers cannot get their seats. The reasons are obvious that the bus services are satisfactory. It's probably what has been offered has met passengers' expectation--comfort, clean, and reliable.

There is still one route: Kemiling Terminal - Way Kandis, which is not yet operated for unclear reasons. I have visited the bus pool, and the buses for this route are already available.

Operating Hours of the Bus Service:
The buses start at 06:30 am and finish at 6:00 pm. I guess it is still too early to end the operation at 6 pm as many workers still have to go back home later than 6 pm. 8 pm will be the most convenient time to close the operation.


Author: verified_user