Hereditary Hypertension: Is it Dangerous?


Hypertension can cause death if not controlled seriously. Those who suffer from hereditary hypertension do not need to panic. There are things you can do to overcome it.

Hypertension is not only caused by bad lifestyle like eating too much fat, meat, smoking, caffeine and a lot more but also runs in your blood because of your parents suffering from it. You may perhaps unable to get rid of it completely but at least you can lower it by making sure that you have physical strength.

A study shows that a healthy and fit person who has hereditary disease (hypertension runs in his family) tends to suffer from the same disease 34 percent lower than a person who never or seldom exercises.
To stay fit, you do not have to spend hours working out. Brisk walking for 150 minutes per week gives a lot of health benefits to all, especially hereditary hypertension sufferers.

A recent study published in a hypertension journal involved more than 6,000 healthy grown up people who exercised regularly. A third of the participants have hereditary hypertension. The physical exercise they followed lasted for almost 5 years. As we may know that having parents who have hereditary hypertension is one of the major risk factors that influence the health of their descendants. A study result made certain that the participants whose parents have hypertension are more prone to suffer from the same disease by 20 percents.

This conclusion was drawn after researchers took several risk factors into account, like age, smoking habits, high cholesterol and obesity.

However, researchers also found good news for participants whose hypertension runs in their families or not. The good news is that fitness will help them control their hypertension.
In fact, participants whose  physical exercise activities are high have 42% tendency not to suffer from hypertension, while others whose physical exercise activities are low have 26% tendency not to suffer from hypertension.

Correlation between hereditary records and its risk should not be disregarded. Hypertension comes to you without symptoms; so, you’d be better off making sure about it. Find out whether or not hypertension runs in your family. This is important to determine what steps to take in the future. If the hypertension is caused simply be a bad lifestyle as mentioned above, the chances are high that you can eliminate it completely by following any advice regarding hypertension.


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