Metro City in Lampung Province


Metro city used to be a part of Central Lampung, where Metro city itself was a district capital city of Central Lampung. Now, Metro city has detached itself to become a city of Metro, which has the full control of its administrative government.

Located about 50 km from the capital city of Bandar Lampung, Metro is more frequently visited by visitors coming from various cities in Indonesia. Metro is also famous as an education city, where you will find lots of schools there. Its flat area has made traveling much more comfortable.

Just before you reach Metro city from Bandar Lampung, you will go through a road from a T junction of Tegineneng toward Metro City. That's about 17 km to the gate of the city. On the right side of the road is a medium sized irrigation channel originally built by the Dutch colony some hundred years ago. However, the local government has repaired some broken parts, so the originality of the construction has a little bit changed.

On your left side of the road is a vast green paddy field. It's a good view at least you things to look at.

As soon as you reach Metro City, you find lots of office buildings and market places. It's a clean, well-cared-for city. On the left side of the Mayor's office is the biggest old mosque called "Masjid Taqwa Metro". This mosque is the one Metro City is proud of. Its existence has made Metro look more beautiful.

There are some hotels just right in the heart of the city, so spending the night there should be worth trying. During the night, Metro seems more alive as there are so many places for you to have something to eat.

What to see in Metro City:
  • Fishing area not far from Kota Metro.
  • Town Park next to Taqwa Mosque.


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