Puri Gading Fasting Hash Run

Some Lampung Hashers had no problem going hashing during Ramadan Month. Most hashers are not Muslims but there are some hashers who are Muslims who carry on hashing although they are fasting.
Hashing only last one hour or more and this does not influence the hashing performance.

On on time is still the same during the fasting month. This morning hashers gathered on Puri Gading Beach Resort. From the location, we know that the run will be flat to start with but it will go up to the top of the hill near the beach. For fasting hashers,  they can avoid the hill by turning left into the paddy field on the slope of the hill. Those gutsy non fasting hashers can go up the hill following shredded paper on the trail.

Being on top of the hills, for many hashers, gives special feeling. It's a feeling of accomplishment. As soon as they reached the top, tiredness and short of breath overwhelmed them but the beauty of Lampung bay soon replaced tiredness with a feeling of satisfaction. There was a circle sign on the top. All hashers knew what to do about it. They did not care about the circle sign because their mind was still filled with fantastic view of Lampung bay.

Ten minutes were enough to get rid of tiredness, so all hashers turned to the cirlce sign. As usual, they spread out  seeking the paper marked trail. There are three trails but there should be one marked with paper. That's the one  to be followed by hashers to reach back to the on in location.


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