Spectacular View of Bandar Lampung From Bukit Randu


Visit Bandar Lampung
Bukit Randu is one of many interesting sites visitors can visit. It is situated in the center of Bandar Lampung city. It is a restaurant and a hotel on top of Bukit Randu. You can go up to the top of the hill for free. Many visitors come up there to eat in group or stay in the hotel. To know more about the hotel, you can visit its website.

What is interesting about Bukit Randu is that visitors can enjoy the view of Bandar Lampung. Please be careful when climbing into Bukit Randu gate as it is a very steep entrance road.

Regarding the restaurant, you can enjoy various kinds of Both Indonesian and International foods. If you like to splurge a little bit of your money, Bukit Randu restaurant is worth visiting.

How to Get There:
There is no public transport to get up there to the top of the hill. You can hire a car or go by taxi. You can get the information about it from just about anybody in the city because Bukit Randu is famous in the city of Bandar Lampung.

If you want to do the shopping near Bukit Randu, there is one at the foot of Bukit Randu. It is Chandra Supermall, which also provides a hotel attached to the shopping malls.
Enjoy your weekend in Bandar Lampung.


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