The Benefits Of Apples

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Apple Eating Habits—What Benefits Can We Get?
Apples have been said to be the best fruit to get rid of diseases. Because of that, more and more people swamp apple stores to get their hands on apples. When buying apples, we have to take extra caution regarding additives used with  apples. If you use apples for health purposes, you’d be better off getting organic apples, which are probably more expensive. To me, it is okay it is more expensive but we will be safer than having the cheap ones but they are dangerous to our health.

According to US Apple Association research in 1992, apples contain boron that helps women’s body to maintain estrogen content when they are in menopause stage. Symptoms of diseases such as coronary disease and hollow bones due to lack of estrogen is avoidable by boron in any apples.

Many researches have found that apples, like other fruits, are rich in fiber, phytochemical substance, and flavonoid. But according to National Cancer Institute in the United States of America, apples contain more flavonoid than other fruits do. The flavonoid is reported to be able to lower the risk of suffering from lung cancer by 50%.  Besides that, we’ve got good news for men regarding flavonoid. It helps prevent prostatic cancer from growing. So, get started apple eating habits from now on.

Phytochemical substance in an apple functions as antioxidant that fights bad cholesterol (LDL) potentially clogging arteries. Antioxidant prevents damages to blood cells or arteries. At the same time, antioxidant will raise good cholesterol (HDL) which wards off heart attack or artery disorder.

Pectin has also been examined and proven to be able to lower blood cholesterol. At the initial research, D-glucaric acid was found in apples that controlled cholesterol. The research mentioned that this kind of acid could lower cholesterol level by 35%.

The balanced cholesterol level and antioxidant will protect us from heart attack and stroke. A case study in Finland in 1996 showed that a man whose diet contained phytochemical substance had a lower risk of suffering from heart attack. Another research, as quoted by The British Medical Journal, uncovered that apple eating habits also prevent stroke.
According to the research in Cornell University, phytochemical substance in apple skin prevents cancer from growing in large intestine by 43%. Phytochemical substance and flavonoid are reported to be able to lower lung cancer incidents.

Meanwhile, another research in Welsh, England, showed that eating apples regularly improved lung function. The researchers believed that perspiration worked better because phytochemical substance in apples could muffle the bad effect of oxidant that damaged organs in the body.

Apples are in fact rich in fiber.  A medium-sized apple contains 5 grams of fiber. It has more fiber than many cereals do. This fiber is good for smooth digestion and lowers your body weight. Apples are fatless and no cholesterol, so they are suitable fruits for those who try to lose their weight. If you include apples in your diet, you will have no constipation.

As I mentioned above, you have to choose good apples that have no preservatives on it. Wash your apples thoroughly before use. If possible get your hands on organic apples.

In Lampung, apples are also available at all supermarkets. If you are regular apple eaters, you have no worries about it. Apples are sold not only at malls but also at street fruit sellers.


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