Visitors To Bandar Lampung During Idul Fitri Celebration

food served at Idul Fitri Celebration
"Mudik" is the term for celebrating Idul Fitri holiday in "home towns". Most people who go"mudik"or back to    their home towns to celebrate religious holiday with parents and relatives. This tradition has long been rooted in Indonesia, even in Malaysia. The peak time for going "mudik" is usually 7 days before Idul Fitri Celebration. Most of them spend about 12 days off in their villages.

The bad effect of going "mudik" is that road accidents often occur on their way to their villages or on their way to go back to the towns where they work. It seems that the risk of having road accidentsdoes not prevent them from going back to their home towns. It is understood that their desire to see their parents and relatives is stronger and besides, the permission to go back home is only given only in this Idul Fitri Celebration.

Muslim praying Idul Fitri in the mosque or on fields
Other reasons for going home on Idul Fitri celebration are that:

  • They have the opportunity to visit their old friends.
  • Visiting neighbors and relatives in the villages seems like an integral part of Idul Fitri Celebration.
  • Idul Fitri Prayer is a lot better to be performed in their home town, where they usually meet one another at the mosques or fields to be used as praying location.

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