Your Blood Presssure: How To Check It


Blood Pressure Level—Tips Before Checking Your Blood Pressure

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Blood pressure checking should be done carefully in order that result of the blood pressure checkin is accurate. Patients should know what to do before checking takes place and doctors should follow blood pressure checking mannual before he or she starts checking a patient's blood pressure level.
Your blood pressure level may change depending on many factors. When you are tense or tired, your blood pressure level is high. So, if you want to take your blood pressure, make sure you are in a relaxed condition. Another thing that may influence your blood pressure level is when you are retaining your urine. Before you take your blood pressure, you are suggested to urinate before a doctor takes your blood pressure.

According to an association of internists, prohibition to retain your urine is listed in a blood pressure checking manual. The manual gives information on not only prohibition to retain urine before blood pressure checking is taken but also some suggestions to be followed when blood pressure checking is taken. The manual is useful for both patients and doctors who check patients’ blood pressure level.

Patients should sit down for at least 5 minutes in order that the result of blood pressure checking is accurate. If patients’ blood pressure is checked without them sitting down to rest, the result will be higher than it should be. Previous physical activities will also influence the blood pressure level. So, if blood pressure checking is to be taken tomorrow, you should rest today by not participating in any physical exercise.

Other suggestions to follow are that you should avoid smoking or drinking coffee 1 or 2 hours before the checking takes place. Some of the compounds contained in coffee and cigarette are said to have effect on heart beat that raises blood pressure level.

Once again, you should be relaxed when your blood pressure is checked as stress may raise your blood pressure level. A doctor who will check your blood pressure should not be young and beautiful as this also will raise your blood pressure level. Have your blood pressure checked by an old doctor who will not cause any emotional reaction on you.

Stress factor when having face to face with paramedics has a lot of influence on the result of blood pressure checking. The patients’ reaction related to the presence of paramedics is called white coat syndrome. To avoid white coat syndrome, patients are encouraged to check their blood pressure level at home. It is also important to have a blood pressure checking machine at home so that everyone in your house can benefit from it.


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