BRT Bandar Lampung: Additional Fare


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service in Bandar Lampung will apply new ticket system. The new ticket system will require passangers to pay additional fare if they want to swap buses that go in their destination. This will of course burden passangers. The new ticket scheme will be in effect next October 2012. During September 2012, the old ticketing is still being applied, while the BRTofficials are socializing the new plan to Bandar Lampung BRT users.

The BRT passangers have so far been satisfied with BRT service. They feel comfortable in the air conditioned buses,especially during heavy traffic hours. We will see what will happen when the new ticketing is applied. Will passangers still rely on the BRT service or go back to taking minibuses that are owned by individuals?

According to one of BRT users when inerviewed by Tribun Lampung that she is very disappointed at the plan to change BRT ticketing system. This means that in October, she will have to pay about 4,500 IDR (2,500 + 2,000 IDR). She hopes the BRT management will cancel charging additional bus fare to passangers who need to swap buses.

According to the BRT director, I Gede Jelantik the bus fare including the planned additional fare will still be the cheapest considering the comfort provided by BRT service. The local government in this case is still continuing giving the subsidy.

Up to the present time (April 2014) BRT does not cover all distances yet. The planned route from Rajabasa to Waykandis has also been cancelled, whereas residents of Waykandis are looking forward to this service.

Author: verified_user