Central Lampung (Lampung Tengah)


Central Lampung (Lampung Tengah) with an area of 4,789.82 Km2, situated in the center part of Lampung Province (about 65 km from Bandar Lampung City),   borders with Tulang Bawang Districts in the northern part; Pesawaran District in the south; East Lampung and Metro city in the east, and Tanggamus and West Lampung in the west.

Geographically, Central Lampung regency is located at 104 ° 35 'to 105 ° 50' East longitude and 4 ° 30 'to 4 ° 15' south latitude. 

How to Get There:
From Bandar Lampung, take the road that leads to North Lampung. It depends on where you want to go. If you want to go to the center of local government office, you have to stop before reaching Bandar Jaya market (about 5 km before Bandar Jaya market), turn left into the office area. If you go by taxi, the driver knows where to go and he will drop you off to your destination. Public transportations do not enter the office area. If you go by bus, you have to continue by hiring "joke"

Hotel and Accommodation
A few hotels are located in the heart of Bandar Jaya--crossed by busy road leading to Menggala and Kotabumi. In the day time Bandar Jaya is always too crowded. In fact the road that passes Bandar Jaya market is the only road people take to reach their destination either to Kotabumi in North Lampung, or Menggala in Tulang Bawang District.


Some restaurants are available mostly at Bandar Jaya market. In fact, those on their way to North Lampung or Menggala often drop by at the restaurants in Bandar Jaya. Some stop to take a rest and pray at the restaurant.

Big Mosque at Bandar Jaya:

Right in the center of Bandar Jaya market, there is a unique, big mosque. It is a nice place to drop by at for Muslims. This mosque is said to have taken a long time to complete due to lack of financial supports. Now, it is completed and gives a plus value to the local government in terms of tourism aspect.

News Around Central Lampung:

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