Children With Birth Defect


Nowadays, there are many children with birth defect, most of whom come from poor families in the villages. Secondhand smoke and foods of low quality may be the causes.
In Indonesia there are many birth defects. Most of babies who were born defective come from poor families living in the villages. Why are they from underprivileged families? Why weren’t they from a family of corruptors who sin a lot? The answer to this question can be answered only in terms of health alone.

Let’s discuss it from the point of secondhand smoke:
Almost all men who live in the villages are heavy smoker who have become smokers from generation to generation. In my opinion smokers in the village are not to blame. Those to be blamed are the health officers stationed in the village. Have they socialized the dangers of smoking to the village community? It seems there are no health officials who have done this. I admit there are young doctors in the villages working as doctors to help villagers who fall ill but their jobs in the village is merely done as the prerequisites to become a full time doctors. When they are through with it, they go back to the city to work as full time doctors.

Now, let’s get back to the village smokers. As they are not aware of the danger of smoking, they comfortable carry on smoking. They smoke around their families, at the restaurants, at the marketplaces, or when they get together for village parties. There is a misleading belief going on in the village that has been generally accepted as true. It says that all men should smoke for the simple reason that smoking is good for socialization, and smoking is a must for all men. Those who don’t smoke are called sissies. No wonder when you happen to be in a village attending, say, a wedding party of your relative’s daughter, you will find all men smoking at the party.

Foods distributed to the village are of low quality
This is not covered by village doctors either. Foods like candies, and snacks seemingly produced by city factories are found in abundance in food stalls in the villages. The foods of low quality contain a lot of additives, sweeteners, and things like that. Children love this kind of foods. Young married women buy these cheap foods as well.

What is the correlation between defective babies, secondhand smoke and foods of low quality?
On all cigarette packs danger of smoking is clearly labeled but none notices this. One of the warnings is that smoking will cause fetus to be defective. The pregnant young married women may have husbands who smoke a lot. Passive and active smokers both have negative effect of secondhand smoke.
The foods pregnant women eat contain a lot of additives and sweeteners, which are not good for the development of the fetus. The pesticides contained in vegetables and fruits also contribute to the fetus being defective.

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