Drag Competition Held In Bandar Lampung


IMI Lampung holds Drag Competition September 29-30, 2012

Today, September 29th, National Drag competition is opened. The competition is followed by racers from all provinces in Indonesia. The dual carriage way of Sultan Agung is used as the racing tracks, causing traffic jams outside Sultan Agung Street as motorists passing through the dual carriage way have to be diverted to other lanes.

The event organizers, IFO motor sport, IMI and Triple Star Car Club mentioned that the drag competition would eliminate wild racings done by Lampung youth. The event is opened to Lampung young racers who have so far raced wildly along the lane in PKOR Way Halim. They further stated that there were 13 classes of bike drag competitions, and 2 classes for car racing.

A huge number of spectators have swamped the competition area to witness the racing, which has not been held for 8 years. The drag competition is followed by more than 300 bikers, and 100 car racers.
There will be a total reward of 100,000,000 IDR for winners and tablet PCs for best timers.

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