East Lampung (Lampung Timur)

East Lampung (Lampung Timur) is located on 105015' east longitude, and 106020' south latitude, covering an area of 5,325.03 square km. The capital city of East Lampung lies in Sukadana.
Administratively, East Lampung District borders the followings:

  • The Northern District borders Rumbia, Seputih Surabaya, and Seputih Banyak of  Central Lampung regency, as well as Menggala District of Tulang Bawang
  • In the Eastern part, it borders Java Sea, Banten and Jakarta.
  • South the district borders Tanjung Bintang, Katibung, Palas, and Sidomulyo of South Lampung regency.
  • The western part of the regency borders Bantul District and Metro Raya of   Metro City, as well as the District of  Seputih Raman of Central Lampung regency.
East Lampung consist of mountainous areas in  Jabung, Sukadana, Sekampung Udik, dan Labuhan Maringgai districts. There are also wavy to undulating area, characterized by small hills, with slopes between 8% to 15% and a height of between 50-200 meters above sea level.Also found here in East Lampung are Alluvial plain areas, covering a wide area including the eastern coastal region and the areas along  Way Seputih and Pengubuan Way rivers. The height of the area ranges between 25-75 meters above sea level with a slope of 0-3% and tidal marshes along the east coast with a height of 0.5-1 meters above sea level.

The climate in  East Lampung regency based on Smith and Ferguson falls within the catagory of B, characterized by  wetnes for 6 months ie from December to June with an average temperature of 24-34'C. Annual rainfall is appoximately 2000-2500 mm . Meanwhile, according to Oldeman (1979), East Lampung regency climate was in type C2 characterized by  wetness for months5-6 months and dryness for 2-3 months.

For further information on East Lampung, you can visit its offical website here

If you plan to visit Way Kambas, one of tourist resorts East Lampung is proud of, you can find hotels in Kota Metro, which is very close to Sukadana City of East Lampung. For the time being hotel accomodation is still being developed.


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