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One of regencies of Lampung province is South Lampung lying on the southern tip of Sumatera. The commercial Bakauheni seaport is located in South Lampung. South Lampung with its capital city of Kalianda is probably the largest and richest of all regencies. With its strategic location in terms of tourism attraction, South Lampung will probably develop its large region the fastest.

Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung province, is actually mostly bordered by South Lampung. For example, South Lampung is between North Lampung and Bandar Lampung city. Metro City and Bandar Lampung are also partitioned by South Lampung.

Tanggamus used to be administratively under South Lampung. Since Tanggamus took control of Kota Agung city and neighboring areas, South Lampung has lost control of Kota Aguns Seaport, which gave South Lampung a lot of income.

Pesawaran, which used to be one of South Lampung regions, has a full control of Kiluan bay, one of Lampung's tourism resorts, which claims to have the cleanest sea water with its scenic bay.

Airport of Radin Inten II, located in South Lampung, will probably be handed over to Lampung province due to new area development of Bandar Lampung city. Geographically speaking, Natar, where the airport is located, is no longer a proper area for South Lampung for the simple reason that its area is scattered away from the center of South Lampung. Natar is more suitable as one of Bandar Lampung area.

There are 17 sub districts of South Lampung consisting of:

  1. Bakau Heni. It is situated in the southern tip of Sumatera Island, where Lampung Seaport of Bakau Heni is situated. Bakau Heni used to be under a subdistrict of Penengahan.
  2. Candipuro. It is supposed to be a strategic, and safe area to live in.
  3. Jati Agung
  4. Kalianda
  5. Katibung
  6. Ketapang
  7. Merbau Mataram
  8. Natar
  9. Palas
  10. Penengahan
  11. Rajabasa
  12. Sidomulyo
  13. Sragi
  14. Tanjung Bintang
  15. Tanjung Sari
  16. Way Panji
  17. Way Sulan
Tourism Places And Accomodations

pelabuhan Canti. Image from members.virtualtourist.com
One of the tourist resort close to Kalianda is Krakatau site, to which visitors can go via "Pelabuhan Canti" (Canti Small harbour), which is about 8 km from Kalianda, the capital city of South Lampung.

Beaches for recreations are available in abundance in South Lampung. You can visit Pantai Wartawan, Pantai Batu Kapal, Pantai Canti, Kalianda Resorts, and other beaches just before your reach Kalianda resort. Surphur swimming pool is also popular among local visitors. It is located not far from Kalianda market.

Hotels and restaurants are easy to find in Kalianda not far from local government offices.

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