Kotabumi: North Lampung

North Lampung, which is about 100 km from Bandar Lampung,  lies on  104' 40 - 105' 08 east longitude and 4' 34 - 5' 06 north latitude . It is located on the northern part of Lampung province, covering an area of 2.725,63 Km. North Lampung now claimss to have 23 districts and  247 villages.

The 23 districts consists of the followings:

  1. Bukit Kemuning
  2. Abung  Tinggi
  3. Tanjung Raja
  4. Abung Barat
  5. Abung Tengah
  6. Abung Kunang
  7. Abung Pekurun
  8. Kotabumi
  9. Kotabumi Utara
  10. Kotabumi Selatan
  11. Abung Selatan
  12. Abung Semuli
  13. Blambangan Pagar
  14. Abung Timur
  15. Abung Surakarta
  16. Sungkai Selatan
  17. Muara Sungkai
  18. Bunga Mayang
  19. Sungkai Barat
  20. Sungkai Jaya
  21. Sungkai Utara
  22. Hulu Sungkai
  23. Sungkai Tengah
More detailed info about North Lampung utara can be obtained through Lampung Utara website.

Tourism resorts in North Lampung are 1) Way Rarem Dam (Bendungan Way Rarem) located in Abung Barat district about 36 km from the central city of Kotabumi; 2) Tirta Shita Dam located 10 km from Kotabumi city; 3) Curup Paten Waterfall (Air terjun Curup Paten) located in Bukit Kemuning, 43 km fro Kotabumi; 4) Curup Selampung Waterfall located in Abung Barat, about 35 km from the central city of Kotabumi.

How to get to Kotabumi:

Transportation to Kotabumi is very easy. You may take either train or bus or other transports. It takes appoximately 2 hours or more by bus or less than 2 hours by private cars. Going by train from Bandar Lampung is very easy and more comfortable.

Accomodation in North Lampung:

There are more than 3 hotels in the city of Kotabumi, two of which are probable decent enough to choose to spend the night. These two hotels are Duta Hotel and Cahaya Hotel. There are also cheap, low-class inns or lodging in all district area.

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