Pringsewu Regency in Lampung


Pringsewu used to be one of sub districts of Tanggamus Regency. It has now turned into one of Lampung's Regencies. Its establishment is validated based on Regional Parliament plenary session on October 29th, 2008.

One of the reasons why Pringsewu should stand in its own is because Pringsewu has achieved significantly in economic sectors--income per capita is better than other regencies and the level of education of Pringsewu residents are higher.

Sources of people's income in Pringsewu are trading and farming. Compared to the capital city of Tanggamus, Pringsewu's business center is busier and crowded with shoppers. This location is strategic because Pringsewu's geographical location is easier to access from different locations.

How to Get There:

Bus schedule from Rajabasa bus terminal is hourly. It takes you only 45 minutes from the bus terminal. Road access from Bandar Lampung city is smooth, although the road is rather narrower compared to the road leading to South Lampung from Bandar Lampung.

Business Center:
Traditional markets, restaurants, hotels, banks, and offices are centralized on the same area, so it is easy for visitors to go from one place to another.

Traditional Foods in Pringsewu:
Kelanting” food is like crackers. It is widely produced in Pringsewu although this kind of food is also available in other regions. It is in fact a Javanese traditional food found in Central Java.


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