Tanggamus Regency (Kabupaten Tanggamus)

Tanggamus Regency used to be under supervision of South Lampung. On March 27th, 1997, the regency was established based on the law No.2, 1997. With an area of 3.356,61 km² and the population of 800,080 people, Tanggamus may be much better than other regencies in terms of tourism sites. Road conditions from Bandar Lampung are also smooth. This makes traveling from Bandar Lampung to Tanggamus (about 100 km) only take about 1 hour by car.

Tanggamus government offices lie on the top of a hill overlooking a beautiful Semangka Bay. The office location is approximately 800 m from the main road, which makes reaching the office location rather difficult for those who don't have vehicles.

Hotels and Accommodations in Kota Agung (Capital City of Tanggamus Regency)

Kota Agung City is situated near the coastal area, around which you will find a number of hotels and other accommodations, including restaurants. Visitors to Kota Agung usually have something to eat near the beach. There are two restaurants--one exactly on the beach and another one on the street that leads to the beach. Hotels are available here but you cannot expect hotel luxury here. There are several inns on the area of Gisting just about 20 km before you reach Kota Agung.Gisting is a quieter and cooler area, which is recommended if you want a quiet place to stay in.

Shopping Around

There are a few mini markets and traditional markets around the Kota Agung seaport, so shopping there is an easy thing to do.Traditional markets are only opened during the day time, while mini markets still open till 21 p.m. If you go out at night, you will only find food stalls along the road and mini markets of Alfa and Indomaret.

How to get to Tanggamus from Bandar Lampung

Buses and minibuses are available from Rajabasa bus terminal in Bandar Lampung. So, there should be no worries about the availability of transports to and from Kota Agung.

Tourism Resorts in Tanggamus:
Tanggamus regency boasts about Bukit Barisan and Teluk Kiluan resort, which are frequently visited by foreign tourists, while Way Lalaan water fall situated not far from Tanggamus office location,  does not really attract tourists to come to the site.

Harbour in Tanggamus:

Presently, Tanggamus has a small harbour for local transport around Lampung. Hopefully in the year of 2013, there will be a feasibility study to build a new harbour , through which passengers and vehicles can be transported to Banten via Ciwandan, Banten.

News Around Tanggamus:


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