Volcanic Ash Emitted By Krakatau Child


September 4th, 2012
The child of Krakatau has emitted volcanic ash reaching Bandar Lampung and Pesawaran. The Bandar Lampung residents have been warned against possibly poisonous volcanic ash that may result in skin disease and lung function abnormalities. Human relation division of Health Agency in Bandar Lampung suggested that all residents should wear maskers to protect themselves from possible diseases when going out of the houses.

There have not been reports regarding the effect of volcanic ash sent out from the child of Krakatau. However, residents of Bandar Lampung should always guard themselves by limiting their activities outside the house.

Residents of Banten, especial fishermen have stopped their fishing activities for fear of the volcanic activities may get even worse.  They all hope that the child of Krakatau will stop sending out burning lava followed by volcanic ash.

What worries the residents is actually the danger of volcanic ash. According to Tribun Lampung, based on their interview with chief of doctor’s association in Lampung, the volcanic ash contain quartz, cristobalite, or tridymite mineral, which comprises free crystal silica. The free crystal silica will damage lung function abnormalities.
The volcanic ash will also disturb eyes. You will feel itching in the eyes as if there were dust in it.

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