Way Kanan Regency (Kabupaten Way Kanan) Lampung, Indonesia

Lampung Province has developed its regencies. It now has more than 12 regencies. Way Kanan Regency is one of the regencies of Lampung Province, which are hoped to develop as its geographical location that has potential for agricultural advancement.

Way Kanan Regency is one of the areas, which used to be under the regency of North Lampung. It is situated about 30 km north of Kotabumi, the capital city of North Lampung. Geographically, Way Kanan, which has an area of 3.921,63 km2 and population of 386,567 people, lies at the coordinate of 104'17 "- 105'04" east longitude and 4'12 "- 4'56" south latitude.

Blambangan Umpu, the capital city of Way Kanan is located in the central part of Way Kanan area, is considered to be a strategic location in terms of government supervision, and it is close to the state roads of South Sumatera and Bengkulu provinces including National  roads in Lampung Province.

At present, Way Kanan Regency has 14 sub districts, spreading all over the regency. As Way Kanan is mostly agricultural area, most residents of Way Kanan are farmers working on their rice fields and plantations. Such produces as rice, corn, peanuts, green beans, have been cultivated and become the source of foods. Big rivers also pass through the area, some of which have been used as irrigation channels to help farmers irrigate their fields.

Agricultural processing plants are also found in Way Kanan--processing cassava into flour, palm into CPO, and pineapple cannery, and so on. In terms of investment possibility, Way Kanan has potential to develop such plants.

The government officials are officials mostly transferred from North Lampung local government officials, and a few government officials are locally appointed employees.

How to get to Way Kanan:

Way Kanan is approximately 135 km from Bandar Lampung city. All roads to Way Kanan are smooth and asphalted. From Bandar Lampung, you need about 3 to 4 hours by car. Public transportation is also available. Regular bus schedule information is available at Rajabasa bus terminal in Bandar Lampung.

Hotels and Accommodations:

I think temporarily, Way Kanan is still making its effort to develop hotels and other accommodations. If you plan to stay there for several days, spending the night at a hotel in Bukit Kemuning about 25 km, would be a good choice.

Tourism Resorts

There are not yet tourism resorts that will attract visitors for the time being.However, the local government of Way Kanan has thought about developing areas suitable for tourism.


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