West Lampung (Lampung Barat)


West Lampung (Lampung Barat) is located in Liwa, a capital city of West Lampung Regency. Geographically, it is located at 4o, 47 ', 16' - 5o, 56 ', 42' south latitude and 103o, 35 ', 08' - 104o, 33 ', 51' east longitude. Its vast area of 4,950.40 km2 consists of three types of topography as follows:
  • Low-lying area that has a height of between 0-600 meters above sea level.
  • Hilly area that has an area with an altitude of 600-1000 meters above sea level.
  • Mountainous area with an altitude of 1000-2000 meters above sea level.
In Physiography, West Lampung area can be divided into three parts:  the coastal regions in the west with a slope of 0-15%, which is a mountainous region in the center of the largest area with a slope of 15 - more than 40%, in the eastern area of ​​undulating terrain with a slope of 2 - 40%.

In general, West Lampung land consists of:

  •  Rice field areas dominating areas in sub districts of Sumber Jaya, South Coast, Central Coast and North Coast, lemong, Bengkunat, and Suoh.
  • Plantations in District of South Coastal, Belalau, Balik Bukit  and North Shore,  tenong Way, Batu  Brak, Sukau, Suoh.
  • Villagers' orchards and small fields mostly in north coasts, Sumber Jaya, and Belalau, Sukau, and Balik Bukit.
According to Official Statistic Data issued for the fiscal year of 2004, West Lampung area can be described as follows:

Moor / Field
Mixed gardens
Forest / Shrubs
358 474
Plantations / Orchards

For further information about West Lampung (Lampung Barat) you can also visit Lampung Barat Website.

Hotels and Accommodations in Liwa, West Lampung:

There are more than 18 hotels located in different sub regions close to tourist locations. Most visited hotels are among others hotel Karang Nyimbur, Mutiara Alam Zandino, Wisma Sindai Lapai, Sederhana, Gunung Putri, Hotel Permata and other hotels not mentioned here.

How to get to Liwa:
Buses to and from Bandar Lampung are available from Rajabasa bus terminal. Other transports are also available but it may cost you more. The road from Bandar Lampung to Liwa is smooth and in good condition.

Seray Airport
Airport in Liwa, West Lampung, is to start operation in mid January 2013. The test fly has been done by Susy Airliner from  Jakarta. 

Transport within West Lampung:
Transportations to and from the suburbs of West Lampung are available:  buses, village transport, car rental and motorbike transport. The road condition to reach the remote villages is good, with a total length of 416.95 km from the central city of Liwa.

Tourism Resorts

Tanjung Setia is the only much expected tourism resort in Krui. Tanjung Setia beach is popular for surfing. To know how to get to Tanjung Setia, click here. 

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