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Nowadays, we are spoiled by the ever increasing mobile phone technology. With mobile phones, we can do almost anything: chatting, gaming, texting, browsing and whatnot. What I'd like to focus on here is messengers that run in almost all mobile phone platforms.

Mobile phone technology has come a long way since I used a mobile phone in1997. In 1997, all mobile phones came with black and white screen and you could only make calls and send short messages as well as few simple game and applications like calendar and an alarm. Nowadays, you can get almost anything you want—freeware or shareware mobile phone software like free WhatsApp, and BlackBerry messengers depending on which operating systems your smart phones run. There are now several platforms—android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Window, and Nokia.

BlackBerry Messenger only runs in BlackBerry phone, while WhatsApp Messenger runs in Android, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Window phones. WhatsApp Messenger is not the only one that runs in different platforms. KIK Messenger and LINE also in the above mentioned platforms.
Previously, BlackBerry phone users boasted BlackBerry Messenger, which attracted mobile phone users to turn to BlackBerry phones. With WhatsApp, LINE, and KIK messengers being available in different platforms, some BlackBerry users started to use them. At least with WhatsApp, LINE, and KIK messengers, they can keep in touch with their friends using Android, iPhone, Nokia, and Window phones.

What is so good about these messengers is that users can view your friend picture profiles pretty nicely; you can send files like picture, video and other files. If you use KIK messenger, you will need to install additional software to send video and other files, whereas BlackBerry Messenger can send all files. WhatsApp can do almost the same as BlackBerry Messenger. What WhatsApp Messenger lacks is that it cannot send Microsoft word files. I tried to search for it in all of its menus but cannot find it yet. Another thumb up notification options in WhatsApp is that it gives choices whether you want message notification to pop up on the screen or not, while other messengers do not have that option.

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