City Lanes in Bandar Lampung Improved

Most city lanes have recently been improved. Some of the construction work remaining to be done is the repairing of drains along Jl. Teuku Umar. This is based on my physical observation. The lane in Way Kandis housing, which was a long neglected one, has now been upgraded from stoney road to hot mixed asphallt road. Traveling through this road is now smooth.

Jl. Nusantara is smooth but the widening should be done, especially in the area near a fishing pond. I have seen that traffic along Nusantara Street is getting busier, especially during busy morning hours.

However, there are still other lanes that are not yet repaired. For example, the lanes between big houses in back of Radar building seems neglected. This lane connect Jl. Nusantara to Jl. Kota Sepang in back of Telkom office. We have no information regarding this lane not being taken care of by the local government. We do hope it is one of the roads listed as lanes to be improved.

Author: verified_user