Governor of Lampung Opens Krakatau Festival


The governor of Lampung Province opened Krakatau Festival, Saturday 6th, 2012 at Saburai Sports hall. The opening of the festival was attended by 40 ambassadors from neighboring countries and representatives from ministry of tourism and creative economy.

The opening was highlighted with traditional Lampung dance specially performed to welcome guests.  “Culture And Tapis Carnival” after the opening was also watched by thousands of Bandar Lampung residents swamping the street of Raden Intan. The carnival showed off traditional Lampung craft, traditional clothes known as “tapis” and other traditional dances from Lampung tribes.

With numerous tourism sites spreading all over Lampung areas such as Tanjung Setia beach resort, Kiluan bay, Krakatau remnants, Way Kambas, and many more, Lampung is expected to become a city of tourism destination.

To achieve the goal as a city of tourism destination, government officials from all regencies should prepare the best they can do to make their regencies eligible as tourism destinations. It is also hoped that coordination between central and local governments can be maintained in order that investors can feel attracted to develop tourism resort in Lampung.

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