Heavy Rain Sweeps The Streets of Bandar Lampung


It was a heavy rain pouring and sweeping streets of Bandar Lampung on October 9th, 2012. The heavy rain was welcome by residents of Bandar Lampung as it had not rained for many months. The rain has caused low-lying areas to be flooded but residents were not mad at the flood. They seem to expect the rain to pour down for a little longer. It rained for almost an hour. We hope this is the beginning of rainy season. Most parts of the city had been completely dry--many houses had no longer water, and some plants started to die.

According to a few people who were taking a shelter because of the rain, the dry season this year was the longest dry season in Bandar Lampung. It was possibly the longest dry season in other provinces.

Rainfalls used to be easily predicted but now rainfalls are difficult to guess. Cloudy skies are no longer indicative of approaching rainfalls. Rain may suddenly fall while the sun is bright. It seems that weather forecast is no longer reliable. It says it will rain but it does not happen as predicted.

What residents of Lampung are worried is that the heavy rain that poured down would not continue, meaning that the already long dry season might still continue. However, Bandar Lampung residents are satisfied with the heavy rain. They are all sure that the rain will result in their wells being filled with lots of water.


Author: verified_user