Idul Adha Praying and Sacrifice in Lampung


Muslim around the globe Idul Adha celebration
meat to be distributed to the poor
Idul Adha, which comes every year, is held by all Muslims around the globe. In Bandar Lampung, all mosques performed sacrifice. At least two sheep and 6 goats were gathered for slaughter. Meat of sheep and goats is usually given to the poor.
Idul Adha

In many villages and offices that perform Idul Adha sacrifice usually determine that 3/4 of the meat is distributed to the poor, while 1/4 belongs to the Muslims who give the sacrifice. The sacrifice committee is also given a little part of the meat.

Most mosques and offices performed the slaughter on the first day, while a few did it on the second day.

In Bandar Lampung, Idul Adha sacrifice for this year ran according to plan.


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