Lampung: Pesawaran Regency


Pesawaran Regency, Kabupaten Pesawaran
Pesawaran used to be one of sub districts of South Lampung. It is located 19 km westward. Due to Lampung regency expansions, Pesawaran is considered appropriate as one of the regencies in Lampung province. For that reason, Pesawaran with the population of 418,256 people was established as a regency in 2007 with Gedung Tataan as its capital city.

Geographically, Pesawaran is situated between 104'0" to 105' 014" East Longitude and 5'07'' to 5' 048" South Latitude. The total area of Pesawaran is 1,173.77 km2 or 117,377 ha. Among sub districts in Pesawaran,  Padang Cermin is the largest area reaching 3,763 ha.

Of the total area, 13,121 ha are used for rice fields harvested twice a year, while the rest of the area are still forests owned by the government.

Administratively, Pesawaran regency has 7 sub districts--Gedong Tataan, Kedondong, Negeri Katon, Padang Cermin, Punduh Pidada, Tegineneng, and Way Lima.

How to get to Pesawaran Regency:
Since Pesawaran Regency is very close to Bandar Lampung, getting there is a lot easier than going to other regencies. Public transports from Rajabasa terminal is hourly. Buses going to Tanggamus have to pass through Pesawaran. You can take any buses that goes in your way.

Hotel accomodations and restaurants:
There are a few hotels visitors can stay in but most visitors would rather stay in Bandar Lampung because of a close distance between Bandar Lampung and Pesawaran.

Restaurants are easy to find there. You can choose any restaurants you like. However, most restaurants offer special foods like grilled fish and fresh vegetable that you eat raw as "lalapan".


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