New Overpasses Under Construction In Bandar Lampung

flyovers in Bandar Lampung
Two overpasses are still under contruction in Bandar Lampung. The physical construction achievement for both overpasses ( the one that is to connect Jl. Antasari to Jl.Pangeran Tirtayasa and another one connecting Jl. Sultan Agung Wayhalim to Jl. Korpri)  are more or lessl about 5% (based on my observation on October 3rd, 2012). There is no formal information about it in the internet. As soon as I get my hands on accurate data, I will keep this updated.

If I look at current traffic congestions, I think having overpasses constructed in Bandar Lampung is a must and should be realized as soon as possible.

Due to these overpasses being constructed, traffic through Jl.Sultan Agung to Korpri is blocked and have to be directed to other lanes, causing traffic jams.

According to, the overpass constructins will have been completed by early 2013. The mayor of Bandar Lampung hopes that Bandar Lampung residents are patiently waiting for the completion of  the constructions.

Author: verified_user