Bumi Kedaton Mall Under Construction


New mall to be built
One of the biggest malls in Bandar Lampung is now being constructed.  It is hoped that it will have been ready by the middle of 2013. Located at the T junction of Jl. Sultan Agung and Jl. Teuku Umar, this new mall will be able to attract shoppers from around Kedaton area and Labuan Ratu. 

If shoppers go to this mall, the traffic toward the center part of Bandar Lampung will be less crowded. However, the traffic from the center part to the new mall will be heavier as Bandar Lampung residents are always curious to know what new malls are all about. They probably will not do the shopping but new places are always so attracting.

Shoppers in Bandar Lampung are not only from within Bandar Lampung city but most regency as well. No regencies in Lampung Province have such big malls as Chandra, Hypermart and others. Weekends are the best time for visitors from regencies to pay a visit to Bandar Lampung—do the shopping, visit relatives or families and some perhaps go to the beach. No wonder if traffic jams occur at the weekends.

New malls and supermarkets will of course improve the look of Bandar Lampung city but improving old building will also be necessary as there are a few buildings near Chandra mall look too old and are not interesting to look at.

Now this shopping mall is called MAL BUMI KEDATON

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