Lembah Hijau Resort (Recreation Spot And Cottages)

image from lampung.tribunnews.com
Lembah Hijau is one of recreation places in Bandar Lampung located near Desa Sukadanaham in Bandar Lampung (approximately 2 km from the center of the Bandar Lampung city) or about 15 minutes' drive from Bambu Kuning market.. From Jl. H. Agus Salim, go straight through the traffic light. Keep straight up the narrow road up the hill and turn right at the crossroad. If you go up, that will lead you to Sukadanaham.

 It is not much different to Bumi Kedaton resort. It provides comfortable cottages, scattered huts for family gathering, and a swimming pool for all ages (including water boom area in which children can play). To enter the resort, a visitor is charged an entrance fee (about 10,000 IDR) With this entrance fee, you can  stay within the resort as long as you like. If you want to take your family to the swimming area, you are also charged even if you do not swim.

A small restaurant is also available in the resort. You can sit in a hut of your own choice or you can a dining room to have something to eat or drink. Further details regarding how much money to rent a cottage, you can pay a visit to the resort.

Lembah Hijau area is not traveled by public transports, so if you do not have a vehicle, you go there by taxi or rent a car. There are also commercial motorbikerswho can take you there.

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