Work Underway Causes Flood

Long and heavy rain caused flood around the cross road of Jl.Soekarno Hatta and Jl. Kimaja yesterday, November 4th, 2012. The flood was in fact triggered by the construction work on drainage and the widening of Jl.Kimaja and Jl. Ratu Dibalau near the cross road.

Jl. Kimaja is now being traveled by motorists who usually travel through Jl.Sultan Agung via the dual carriageway of Jl. Korpri. Since Jl.Sultan Agung is temporarily being blocked due to the ongoing construction work of a flyover connecting Jl.Sultan Agung to Korpri dual carriageway, motorists have to take an alternative road. The most possible road for them to take is Jl.Kimaja and Ratudibalau.

With the flood taking a longer time to get drained, traffic gets worse and congestion cannot be avoided.
In the normal condition, Jl.Kimaja is often flooded as it is on low lying area and road drainage along Kimaja Icon does not function properly.

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