Royal Class DAMRI Bandar Lampung-Jakarta

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Starting from December 29th, 2012, Royal Class DAMRI is to start operating. The destination to be covered is Bandar Lampung - Jakarta.. There will be more routes in the coming months.
With Royal Class that accomodates only 21 seats and is equipped with air conditioning, wifi internet connection, karoke, TV, and a minibar, which are not given in normal DAMRI bus services, it is hoped that travelers will feel satisfied. Consequently, if the service is satisfactory, more and more travellers will use Royal Class Damri.

According to Agus, President Director of DAMRI company, as quoted by that the bus fare from and to Jakarta - Bandar Lampugn is only Rp.165.000,--which is not much different to the usual Damri bus fare..

According to Tribun Lampung news issued on December 27th, 2012, for the first phase, Damri will operate 11 bus units. A short while later 6 units will be added.

The interior designs of Royal Class DAMRI bus are more like those found in an executive class airplane.

For Bandar Lampung residents who will travel to Jakarta, the following contact phone numbers can be used as follows:

  • 081225970003 (Telukbetung Pool)
  • 082325000101( Rajabasa Terminal Pool)
  • 082325000102 (Tanjungkarang Train Station Pool)
The Royal Class DAMRI leaves at 10 o'clock in the morning from Pos Plaza Jl.Batu Sangkar Bandar Lampung. Evening Schedule is at 22.

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