Rumah Kayu: One of The Most Visited Restaurant in Bandar Lampung

Rumah Kayu is one of the most popular restaurants in Bandar Lampung. Located strategically on Jl. Arif Rahman Hakim No.45, Bandar Lampung, Rumah Kayu can easily be accessed from all directions--from Way Halim, from Panjang and from around Teluk Betung.

The restaurant consists of separated large rooms, which are ideal for family gatherings, office meetings, birthday parties, reunion gatherings, and others. There area also semi opened huts, where visitors can sit comfortably on the matted floor with low dining tables. The bigger rooms with chairs and tables are AC equipped and a musical equipment is there as a compliment.

Various foods and drinks are available here: fried chickens, all types of fish, prawn, shrimps, avocado juice, young coconuts, mixed fruit juice  and many others.

Other than comfortable dining rooms, there are also places for children to play in the garden inside the restaurant so that children with whom you come will not feel bored waiting to be served. When you enter Rumah Kayu, it seems as if you are entering a garden with lots of shady trees. Having some photos of you taken there is also a good idea.

Further food reservation and information regardings foods and drinks prices, please contact the restaurant on the following numbers: (0721) 787123 and (0721) 700666

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