Sukarame Golf Course: The Only Golf Course in Lampung

The Sukarame Golf Course in Bandar Lampung has long been established in the New Order Era. The golf course  is situated at the edge of a state-owned Rubber Plantation in Sukarame area or about 4 km form the main road of Sukarno Hatta.

Since the golf course is still the only one in Bandar Lampung, all golfers living in Lampung willy nilly have to go the Sukarame Golf Course. With many new buildings being constructed around the golf course, the golf course site is no longer as quiet as it used to be. Traffic to the area has also got very heavy. This is probably due to the existance of a state owned Islamic Institute (IAIN) and a few housing complexes around the golf course.

Not far away from the golf course, there will be a new university building for Technology Institute of Sumatera. And a new dual carriage way is at present time being constructed. Will the Sukarame Golf Course be moved else where because of the surrounding factor? I am afraid it won't  simply because the location is already established.

Next to the golf course used to be a rubber plantation, which is now an open area for housing areas.

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