Bebek Gila Lampung Restaurant

One of the restaurants in Bandar Lampung that sells  ducks cooked with a pressure cooker is Bebek Gila Restaurant. With a pressure cooker, nutrients of cooked ducks are not gone and very tasty and soft. There are of course other restaurants selling fried ducks but in terms of taste, and nutrient quality, fried ducks are not recommended.

Bebek Gila Restaurant has been around in the city since 2009. With current location near Abdul Moeloek hospital, the restaurant is easy to reach. There are over 7 huts, each accomodating 10 guests, Bebek Gila Restaurant is also ideal for such parties as birthday, meetings, reunions and so on.

Have fun at Bebek Gila Restaurant and enjoy the cozy hut for your family.
You can enjoy live music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, while having your meals.

Bebek Gila is not the only food available here. You can also have other foods such as cat fish, grilled carps. and other unique delicious foods.

Bebek Gila is the name of ducks cooked with a pressure cooker, where duck meat is mixed with chilli. It is so hot that people who eat it will exclaim, "Crazy! it's so hot, man!."

If you want a take away, you can call +627219967989 or visit the blog Bebek Gila Lampung

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