Pantai Muara Indah: A Modern Beach Resort In Kota Agung Tanggamus


According to Public Work Agency of Tanggamus regency, Kota Agung, Tanggamus will soon have a modern beach resort called Pantai Muara Indah, located next to Kota Agung harbor. The targeted beach area is 2 hectares square meter. The Program division head, Retno Noviana, as quoted by Tribun Lampung, said that for the initial phase, Public Work Agency is to build a gate to the beach, which is estimated to cost 100 million IDR. The fun is already budgeted and the construction is expected to start early this year (2013). Other buildings such as gazebo and paving lanes will become parts of a green open field on the beach. Retno said that this modern beach resort would be the first one in Tanggamus.

“The budget for the construction of the modern beach resort in Kota Agung will be allocated from local and National budget totaling 17 billion IDR,” Retno explained.

As Muara Indah beach is located next to the harbor, the modern beach shall function to complement the coastal area of Kota Agung. The target area of Muara Indah used to be human settlements but now the people have already been relocated to another region in West Kota Agung. The relocation is based on the government regulation stating that an area of 150 meters the beach line belongs to the government.

It may take a long time till Kota Agung becomes a city of tourists' destination. However, local government has made preparation far in advance.

Tribun Lampung issued January 5th, 2013

Author: verified_user