Various types of fresh vegetables in traditional markets

The best time to get fresh vegetables in traditional markets in Bandar Lampung is early in the morning. All vegetables are brought in to the markets very early by sellers coming from remote areas.
Traditional markets of Pasar Gintung and Smep start selling activities at 3 am. At this hour, vegetables are ready to be sold.

Vegetables can also be bought from Way Kandis traditional markets, which is about 2.5 km from Way Halim traditional market. According to my observation, vegetables at Way Kandis traditional market is  much fresher as they are closer to farmers' houses, around which they plant their vegetables.

Malls and supermarkets also sell fresh vegetables. Go to Hypermart, Moka, or Chandra supermarket. Most well off people buy vegetables from malls or supermarkets, especially those who are busy working and only have time in the evening.
Most fresh vegetables are from areas of Lampung province, so they still keep the freshness during transport and selling.

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