Wartawan Beach in South Lampung

image from wisatanesia.com
One of tourism  resorts in Kalianda, South Lampung is Pantai Wartawan, located about 14 km from the city of Kaliand, South Lampung. It is in fact located in a narrow area between the ring road of Gunung Rajabasa and the sea. Most local visitors, either from Kalianda residents or from other districts of Lampung province come to this so-called Pantai Wartawan for family recreations. Some come in couples, and many others in groups of more than 4 people.

The so called Pantai wartawan (Journalist beach) used to be managed by local journalists in the hope that the beach will become one of tourist resorts in South Lampung.

At the side of foothill at Pantai Wartawan, there is a warm water spring that continuously steams hot water. This hot spring is actually an added value to Pantai Wartawan in addition to a spectacular view of the ocean.

 Pantai Wartawan resort is always crowded on weekends. Lampung residents from all parts of Lampung province visit Wartawan beach just to sit around on the rocks along the beach. It seems that swimming is not safe for children as there are sharp and dangerous rocks under the water.

To get to Wartawan beach, visitors can hire motorcyclists as there are no public transportation to the beach area.

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