Flood Strikes Low-lying Areas in Lampung

Teluk betung, an old city that used to be a twin city was struck by flood on February 2nd, 2013 in the evening. Areas at the end of Jl. Hasanuddin was reported to have sufferred more than any other areas. Bakung Village was also submerged with flood water. Some houses were reported missing and a few was badly damaged. According to one of residents that this area has never been flooded before.

Citra Garden Resident Management set up an aid post to help those whose houses were struck by the flood.

Another part of Bandar Lampung near Sukarame Golf Course was also flooded. The river near one of the housing complexes overflowed and flooded the nearby houses and roads. No casualty was reported for this area.

Pasirgintung, in the central Tanjungkarang was also affected by the flood due to continuous rainfall. Houses along the river that divides the Pasirgintung village also overflowed and swept a few houses near it. The flood water was reported to be as high as the bridge connecting Pasirgintung II and an inner village called Kampung Empang located opposite Pasar Gintung market.

Kompas reported that Kartini street in the center of the city was submerged up to 120 meters. Motorists were not brave enough to pass through the flooded lane.     Golkar Party chairman of DPD Bandar Lampung Heru Sambodo said that at least 2 people died, 4 others badly injured and 2 others suffered minor injuries.

Residents of Bandar Lampung hopes that rainfalls will not get worse in the near future.

Despite the worse condition that rain has caused, many poor residents have used the opportunity to fish on flooded areas where puddles that have been created have turned out to be fishing ponds. The fish may have been stranded when rivers overflew.


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