House Selling Companies in Bandar Lampung

Compared to a decade ago, companies selling houses to live in have risen. There used to be only a government-owned house sellers called Perumnas and a few privately owned companies like Aryamandala, Citragarden and Villa Citra. Now there more than 5 house selling companies offering houses to live in. A few of them offer ready to occupy houses, while many others do not have ready stocks. They will build houses upon requests.

Most houses are sold on credit. There are also more banks offering house credit facilities--BTN, BRI, BNI, and some other private-owned banks. Buyers usually have to fill in the form and shall meet prerequisites to be able to buy houses on credit. Buyers should have regular income either from their salaries or from their own business. If they have families, copies of identity cards, marriage certificates and family cards should also be submitted.

In terms of house price, compared to the prices of houses in 1990, it has risen in ten folds. A simple house sized 36 m2 used to be sold at Rp. 23,000,000.-- Now it costs more than Rp.140,000,000.-- However, if one sells his house at the current price and wants to buy a new house, the raised price he gets won't be enough for him to buy a house in similar size.

It seems that house selling businesses have mushroomed despite the fact that building houses without the help of house selling companies costs much less.


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