Jl. Tirtayasa--Road Condition

image by Radar Lampung
Jl. Pangeran Tirta Yasa links Bandar Lampung to Sribawono area. It starts from the end of the dual carriage way Jl.Pangeran Antasari and finishes at the T junction at the road leading to Sribawono from Panjang via Jl. Ir Sutami.

In many parts of Tirta Yasa road, there are damages that makes driving difficult. With heavy traffic along this road, driving should be done  very slowly and it is rather dangerous for two-wheel vehicles.

Despite the road condition, public transports such as mini buses operated privately and BRT buses travel this road taking passengers to and from the center of Bandar lampung to Sutami area.

Jl. Pangeran Tirta Yasa used to be a very smooth road but since there have been many trucks with heavy loads using this road, it now becomes one of the badly damaged roads in Bandar Lampung. It is said that the road will be repaired soon after the flyover connecting Jl.Pangeran Antarsari to Jl. Pangeran Tirta Yasa is completed.

Regarding the worse condition of Jl.Pangerat Tirtayasa, many complaints have been sent to the local government in the hope that the road will be improved as soon as possible.

According to people who live near the road, they often see big trucks with heavy loads travel Jl.Pangeran Tirtayasa, resulting in the road condition getting even worse. Some people blamed that it was due to the low quality of the road.

Jl. Tirtayasa links Bandar Lampung to Sribawono District. Therefore, the improvement of the road is very urgent. The good news is that the local government has been urged that constructions of both flyovers should be finished in May, 2013.


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